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Andrew Rinehart

Sat · May 13, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


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Uni  Ika  Ai [pronounced: oo-nee ee-kuh eye] is a Brooklyn based dream-pop / art-pop band comprised of music veterans Maia Friedman (Bobby, Toebow), Peter Lalish (Lucius, Elizabeth & The Catapult), Tom Deis (Via Audio), and Dan Drohan. Born in 2014 out of a desire for improvisation and experimentation, Uni Ika Ai are set to release their debut full length album in October.

While on tour with Lucius in 2014, Lalish would record improvised snippets made during sound checks and send them to Friedman, who would send improvised snippets recorded at home in Brooklyn, in return. The two musicians, once in the same room, would mold the abstract material into fully formed songs. Keeping A Golden Bullseye In The Corner of My Mind, releasing mid-October, finds beauty in perfect doses of peace and chaos and far exceeds the sum of its parts.
Andrew Rinehart
"Once a young and merciless lighting bolt, then a reformed angel case with and in complex, and finally a middle aged profit seeking disappearing act."

Andrew Rinehart is the latest moniker from Louisville, KY born and Los Angeles based songwriter Andrew Sellers. First active musically as a teenager in Louisville's underground hardcore scene, Sellers' band Flight Nineteen played regionally with acts like At The Drive In and Hot Water Music. His first solo album "Memories Are Hunting Horns," released in 2010 under the pseudonym "Saredren Wells", walked a tightrope between more conventional songwriter fare and the off-kilter world of artists like Daniel Johnston, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, and Sufjan Stevens.

After releasing "Memories...," Sellers relocated to New York City, eventually co-founding both The Body Actualized Center, a DIY arts space in Brooklyn, and the band Splash, whom he toured the US with in the Summer of 2012. Turning his attention back to solo work in 2013, Sellers adopted the moniker Rinehart and released "The Funeral Home Sessions," a 3-song EP of covers.

Distilling his many aliases down to simply "Andrew Rinehart," Sellers is now set to release "Everything (Parts I, II, and III)," his most ambitious work yet. An album in 3 EP installments, "Everything" highlights Sellers' chameleon-like talent for genre-hopping. In turn melancholy and magnanimous, a deft synthesis of all of his previous projects, "Everything" improves on the old while hinting at something new, leaving the listener with only one question: what will Sellers do next?
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732 E Market St
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