Jesse Malin

Vectortone Presents

Jesse Malin

Anthony D'Amato

Fri · July 28, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


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Jesse Malin
Jesse Malin
Few in the modern musical landscape have reinvented themselves like Jesse Malin. Revered by iconic

figures from Bruce Springsteen and Joe Strummer to Ryan Adams and Jim Jarmusch, Malin's

songwriting has shape-shifted through decades and genres and left an indelible mark on hardcore,

punk, folk, and everything in between.

Produced by songwriter Joseph Arthur, Jesse Malin’s new EP Meet Me at the End of the World (June

30 / Velvet Elk) aims his singular blend of gritty street poetry and incisive self-reflection squarely at

our troubled, modern times. (The title track has already been named ‘Coolest Song in the World’ on

SiriusXM’s Underground Garage.)

"The songs were written on tour looking out the van window," reflects Malin. "We were driving

around America just watching the frightening and embarrassing ascension of the current

administration amidst a really dark and manipulative international media blitz."

The music was recorded fast and raw with Malin's live band: drummer Randy Schrager (Scissor

Sisters), bassist Catherine Popper (Norah Jones, Ryan Adams), and longtime sideman/producer/co-
writer Derek Cruz. The collaboration with Arthur was initially intended to be a one-time affair for

Malin's Positive Panther charity, which raises funds for his former European merch-seller Nathalie

Baverstock in her fight against cancer, but the two songwriters discovered a natural kinship in the

studio. “It's not unusual for Jesse to be writing great songs, but it feels like there's a new energy to it

right now," adds Joseph.
Anthony D'Amato
Anthony D'Amato
American singer/songwriter born November 27, 1987 in Blairstown, New Jersey.
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