Brother Man, Stop Light Observations

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Brother Man

Stop Light Observations

Bryan Minks and the Kentucky Sons, Bandit Sun

Sat · May 26, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


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Brother Man
Brother Man
Rock n roll lost its touch, or at least it had to Chris Winfree. After nearly a decade of writing and composing rock n roll and blues music behind closed doors, Winfree decided it was high time someone brought rock back to its roots.

So, Winfree set out to make something that was strictly blues, rock n roll, and rockabilly; nothing more, nothing less, and most importantly - no frills. We’re talking heavy guitar licks and with no synth or computer tricks.

Winfree wanted to make something that featured the classic hallmarks of early Zeppelin and slick riffs by way of Buddy Guy and Stevie Ray Vaughn. He’d be damned if he did, and damned if he didn’t. All that mattered to Winfree was rock n roll.

With his mission in place, Winfree enlisted the ultimate stick man – the wizard himself – Dalton Smith in 2015. The pair began to practice in frenzied states of impassioned rock mania; Smith adding flourishes and fills to Winfree’s long-standing songs, elevating them to levels that would shake even the most righteous of rockers to their core.

Before long, Brother Man was born. Winfree and Smith had the proverbial ship that they would set out to right the wrongs of rock n roll, one frenetic stage show at a time. In April of 2016, the pair released their first EP, A(Live) and Not So Well, which featured the Brother Man standards “Vibrations” and “What Our Hearts Need.”

Following the release of A(Live) and Not So Well, it wasn’t long until Brother Man began to make waves within Nashville’s live rock n roll community. Both Winfree and Smith are men possessed on stage; with nothing more than pure and unbridled rock n roll fervor pulsing through their veins. To see Brother Man live is to look calamity in the face and scoff. These dudes know how to put on a show.

Having toured all throughout the Eastern contiguous United States in support of A(Live) and Not So Well, Brother Man headed back into the studio to work on EP #2. Winfree is a prolific pureveyor of rock n roll spirit, so it wasn’t long at all until he had crafted the next batch of Brother Man standards that would become the band’s second EP, Shake & Tremble, released in April of 2017.

Needless to say, Brother Man is a unique breed – wholly unique within a field that focuses too much on style over substance – Winfree and Smith are on their own “mission from god” – to bring rock n roll back into the modern age.
Stop Light Observations
Stop Light Observations
Bryan Minks and the Kentucky Sons
Bryan Minks and the Kentucky Sons
Bandit Sun
Venue Information:
Cosmic Charlie's
723 National Ave
Lexington, KY, 40502